Bertarelli Symposium 2017

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Yvan Arsenijevic

Yvan Arsenijevic
Associate Professor

Yvan Arsenijevic is associate professor and head of the Fundamental Research Section at the Jules-Gonin Hospital of the University of Lausanne, where he explores the mechanisms of retinal degeneration to develop new therapies to treat blindnesss. Professor Arsenijevic graduated in 1990 as biologist in the Department of Pediatrics and Genetics, Geneva University, Switzerland, and pursued additional training in neurosciences at the University of Geneva. From 1995 to 1997, he trained at the University of Calgary, Canada, isolating and identifying neural stem cells during development and in the adult brain. He returned to Switzerland in 1997, working with Patrick Aebischer at the University of Lausanne, and demonstrated that the adult human brain contains multipotent progenitors in different brain areas. He then developed a research laboratory center at the Department of Ophthalmology at the Jules-Gonin Eye Hospital of the University of Lausanne to focus on retinal degeneration and regenerative medicine using gene therapy strategies and pluripotent cells to validate therapeutic approaches. To facilitate preclinical studies, he generated—with Bruce Whitelaw at the University of Edinburgh—transgenic pigs developing retinal dystrophies. He received the Alfred-Vogt Recognition Award and the Global Ophthalmology Awards Program from Bayer.